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Making a Line Chart for iOS

I wanted to be able to draw a chart for a Swift playground without having to add the full Core Plot or Charts frameworks, and found a tutorial on Medium here on Medium. It was not quite two years old (from … Continue reading

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Moroccan Meskouta Orange Cake

I made this for a cooking meetup’s Moroccan-themed dinner. I had a couple of requests for the recipe, so here are the details. Ingredients ½ cup/120 ml freshly squeezed orange juice Zest of 1 or 2 oranges (all the oranges … Continue reading

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First Vet Visit: Puppies!

About a week after getting Biscuit, I figured that things were working out well, and she was a keeper, so I’d better take her to the vet and get her spayed before something happened. The vet, Chris Schwarz, spent a … Continue reading

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Biscuit B. Collie, 2002?-2017

Old age finally caught up with my Border Collie, and I had to put her down around 1:00 am, Saturday, September 23. She’s been a wonderful companion since I got her in July, 2005, through an informal rescue. I have … Continue reading

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Determining Photogate Timing Uncertainty

Determining Photogate Timing Uncertainty In order to do an uncertainty analysis of Front Range’s conservation of momentum experiments, we need to determine the uncertainty of the times reported by the photogates. The key to experiments of this sort is to … Continue reading

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I’ve figured out how to make movies from my OpenGL animation, and I’ve posted a video on YouTube, here. I’ll be giving a talk on the work on Monday, January 24th at CU Boulder, at the Astrodynamics and Satellite Navigation … Continue reading

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Visualizing Rotation of a Rigid Body

My fans (yes, both of you! Or am I down to one? zero?) may be wondering where I’ve gotten to. I’ve been working up a visualization program for a conference in Nanjing, China. Back in grad school, I was an … Continue reading

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