Biscuit B. Collie, 2002?-2017

Old age finally caught up with my Border Collie, and I had to put her down around 1:00 am, Saturday, September 23. She’s been a wonderful companion since I got her in July, 2005, through an informal rescue. I have a bunch of great stories about her life, so I plan on posting them here over the next few days or weeks.

When I was looking for a dog, I saw an ad for Border Collie puppies and an adult dog from someone down in Monument, CO who breeds and rescues Border Collies. I called the number and made arrangements to meet her at an off-leash dog park south of Denver, about halfway between the two of us. Bixby was a two or three year old female, black with white on the front legs, back paws, snout and chest. She greeted me with a low crawl, and was happy to accept petting. There was another medium-sized dog there, and Bixby started to stalk it, lowering her head to shoulder level and staring straight at it. The breeder commanded “leave it,” and Bixby complied.

That was Wednesday; I decided to get her, and made arrangements with the breeder. We met again at the park on Friday (July 15th, 2005) and I picked Bixby up.

When I told Mom about my new dog, she said that Bixby was hard to say, and she’d call the dog Biscuit. I immediately thought, “That’s a great name for a dog!”  So after that, she was Biscuit.

Next post: her first vet visit.


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